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How To Gift Wrap Your Own Candles!

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Want to get creative with your candles? Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to package candles, as well as some useful candle-wrapping ideas.

All you really need when wrapping candles is tissue paper and a bit of imagination – gift wrap paper works fine too, but tissue gives the present that extra special something. It’s also much lighter to work with. Before we get started, make sure you have everything: a candle, a gift bag, tissue, ribbons, thread, double-sided tape, and scissors.

How to Wrap a candle

Gather your supplies

If you’re planning on giving candles as gifts this holiday season, you’ll need to gather a few supplies first. You’ll need some tissue paper or shredded paper to cushion the candles, as well as some ribbon or twine to tie them up. You may also want to include a small card with a message or instructions. Once you have all of your supplies, you’re ready to start wrapping your candles!

Place the candle on a piece of tissue paper

Place the candle you’re wrapping on a piece of tissue paper. If the candle is very tall, you may need to use two pieces of tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper so that it’s about twice the width of the candle.

Wrap the Candle

Bring the tissue paper’s corners up to the top of the candle. Make sure the base is secure, and use tape to fix the bottom if you’re using two tissue papers. Once the tissue paper is wrapped around the candle snugly, use some double-sided tape or glue to secure it in place.

Tie a ribbon around the candle

Tie a ribbon around the candle to add some decoration. If you’re using a gift bag, you can simply tie the ribbon around the top of the bag. You can also use twine or string for a more rustic look.

Using Wrapping paper

With no box

If you’re using wrapping paper, the process is similar to using tissue paper. Simply cut the wrapping paper to size, wrap it around the candle, and secure it in place with tape or glue. You can then tie a ribbon around the top of the candle or bag.

With a Box

If you’re using a box, place the candle inside and then fill the box with shredded paper or tissue paper. This will help keep the candle in place and prevent it from moving around during shipping. You can then close the box and wrap it with wrapping paper. Again, you can use a ribbon to secure the wrapping paper in place.

Using a mason Jar

The steps to wrapping candles as presents in mason jars are easy and produce great results. All you need is the jar and some cute decorations. You can find these already made or decorate them yourselves! I love this method because it’s unique and allows for creativity.

Using a Plastic Bag

Place the candle inside a transparent, plastic bag. The bag should be open only on one edge, and firm enough to shape around the candle. Squeeze the sides of the bag towards the center of the candle then tie a ribbon around it. If you want to make things more interesting, try using a brightly-colored or patterned ribbon that matches well with the color of your candles.

Final Thoughts

Candles make great gifts, but they can be a bit tricky to wrap. With a little bit of tissue paper and some imagination, you can easily package candles in a way that’s both creative and practical. So get wrapping! And if you’re looking for more candle-related gift ideas, check out our guide to the best-scented wax melts.

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