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How To Use Wax Melts

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Anybody who lives in a cozy home knows the significance of beautiful aroma and the foundation of great headspace accounts to have all the right settings in the space you spend the most time in. In the home fragrance scene, wax melts along with candles are a great option for the smell and aroma department.

Wax melts are the best way to go about things instead of candles due to being generally safer with no direct heat source that can potentially be a fire hazard. In addition to being safer, using wax melts have a plethora of other benefits other than just the beautiful smell the melted wax provides.

Say goodbye to spending a fortune on a super expensive candle and invest in wax warmers for your go-to fragrance scene. Wax warmers warm or melt the wax to give out amazing fragrances with virtually no caveat.

With a conventional candle, you might spend a decent amount to just probably get a one-time use within a short time. Not with wax warmers though, with these, you are spending less right off the bat and to add to that their fragrances last longer and burn slower. In addition, their fragrances are way more intense so you will get your money’s worth with each pop of wax melts.

How Do You Use Wax Melts?

Wax melts are easily one of the most efficient ways to create a beautiful ambiance of scents and aesthetics in your home with the least amount of effort.

You might wonder how it adds to the aesthetics of the space you are in without a candle wick or light source and the answer to that is simple. With the rise of wax warmers, people have found ways to make these products look just like candles.

The whole purpose of these is to add to the coziness of your space and give some light out while it’s doing so. In these cases, manufacturers have manufactured tea light warmers that are meant to provide light as well as fragrances doubling as a source of warm light and scent.

Each electric burner is designed to be a specific design that uses the influence of pop culture and modern art for their design ensuring your wax melts have a place to melt and burn without looking like an out-of-place antique.

The process of using these devices is easy, you plug in your burner to an electric outlet and you pop in your wax melts of preference into the warmer.

You are free to use any as there are a plethora of wax melts available on the market or online. Starting from vegan-friendly soy wax melts to paraffin wax melts. Additionally, sing wax melts of your preference allows you to be conscious about the products you’re associating yourself with.

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Where Can You Find Quality Wax Melts and Other Wax-associated Products?

Finding your preference for scents or melts has never been easier through online shipping in addition to the easy use of wax melts. If you use quality products, it should also be that the wax melt that you use should be of the highest quality and reliable.

Scentsy is a brilliant website to go to for your wax necessities. The website has wax melts made with paraffin and other essential oils. Wax melts can also be called wax tarts in a lot of places so if you are ever confused, rest assured, you are not getting into anything odd or incorrect.

If you use wax melts a lot, you can try the baby powder scent. It’s a fan favorite as it’s a scent affiliated with warmth safety and nostalgia, something that’s really hard not to love. This scent is amazing for all ages, if you have a child in the house placing a tea light warmer alongside a secure location in a child’s room can work wonders for the mood of the room and ambiance.

If you are not okay with products of paraffin or soy wax, you can safely resort to wax melts made out of coconut wax since soy wax or paraffin wax may be harmful if breathed in. Unless you are able to find a wax melt that is made out of 100% natural soy wax in which case that is not that harmful.

On the Scentsy website while surfing for wax products make sure to try all expand submenu options you can find. Your discount codes calculated will come out to dirt cheap prices if you find something that is cheap and a wax name you like. With free shipping that is a steal you can’t ever deny.

If you save subscribe once you sign up on the Scentsy website you will always be greeted with newsletters from them and general updates from their website but you also might just get greeted with an email message with amazing discount codes and promotions so a little newsletter subscription can go a long way.

Any blog post you would surf to would suggest places like Scentsy to get your products from since they have everything you need related to wax centralized and in one place so you do not have to go scouring the internet for products. Always try subscribing to their newsletters as you might just get an email message with product or promotion you are looking for.

Finding the right wax melt for each of your spaces in the house can be as easy as clicking on a expand submenu option found right on the front page of the website. If you spend a certain amount you are almost sure to get free shipping on orders you make sure to purchase

Wax Melts VS Candles

There is an abundance of wax melts available on the market with incredible prices and an insane amount of variety of scents and fragrances. As opposed to candles, you are stuck with one fragrance per candle with no other way to change your fragrance without spending another fortune on a candle.

The wax warmer, on the other hand, can easily be cleaned and per melt, you’re spending very little finance and with a little bit of cleaning, you can instantly change your melt and be blessed with a different scent. Just fill the warmer with a different wax melt and keep the other one you don’t like on the shelf and let it harden in case you want to use it again.

If you like the one that you have you can burn it way more than you would be able to with a conventional candle. Up to four hours more per melt, give or take you can also use it again with the same wax warmer. Just wait for the wax to harden to increase the potency of your fragrance.

You will never have to worry about any burn hazards so long as you are keeping your wax warmer in a well-ventilated place. Since they are electric, all you have to do is plug them into a wall and let the scents take over your house with amazing fragrance.

To turn it off simply remove the plug or switch it off depending on what sort of warmer you have. No more are the days of worrying about finding a lighter or a fire source for your candle when you have a wax warmer.

With no naked flame, there is no chance of a fire hazard. You might worry about not getting a full candle experience without getting a candle but with a tea light warmer, you can get that experience with no hassle as it has a small light bulb in the middle.

Overall, no matter how you look at it, wax melts are fundamentally better than candles instead of candles and candle wicks due to the nature of their affordability and other factors.

One thing to consider is when using products like wax warmers and candles is to never make direct skin contact with hot wax as it may be hotter than you might initially assume, so it’s best not to take that chance up with products that are of the extreme hot nature.

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What Do You Do With Wax Melts After Use?

When you’re using a wax melt that you absolutely adore you might think to yourself, how long can you actually have these incredible scented pieces going for before buying or investing in another batch of the wax melts?

The answer is really simple. Since wax melts slowly melt and lasts at least 5 times more than a normal candle. You can actually use it at least 2 or three times before the fragrance oil in the electric warmer burns out and finishes. Used wax melts are completely fine and require no cleaning if you do not change the scented wax or plan to do so.

You can use the wax to melt until you can no longer smell the fragrance of the wax. Wax melts are usually unable to release scent once all the fragrances of the melted wax are fully burnt out. Scented wax additionally last a very long time so you never have to worry about running out of them.

Subsequently, you are also allowed to create your own fragrances if you mix one melt with another if you so please. Just place an additional wax melt inside the tea light warmer or a normal warmer and watch the wax melt create an incredible scent you probably never smelt before.

How Often Should You Clean Your Wax Burner or Warmer?

The hardened wax is easy to place back into the wax melt warmer for instant use. As mentioned earlier, most wax melts can actually be used more than one time. However, it might be a good idea to wipe the electric warmer with a paper towel or a soft cloth before each use.

Your home fragrance will be definitive and distinctive as long as you clean the warmer so there is no extra stuff to burn or melt off the wax burner. Cleaning brings about a significant change to the smell provided to your ambiance.

It’s easy to understand how wax melts work. The wax burner melts and warms everything that is in the warmer itself so the oils burn and release the scent.

A word of very crucial advice is to never use any abrasive cleaners to clean your wax warmer. The used wax and the residue that it leaves can easily be removed with cotton balls and a drop of baby oil and perhaps a little bit of heat.

With light maintenance, an electric burner will definitely last you a hot minute before the product gives out and stops doing what it is supposed to. This is not a bad trade-off as the wax warmer and the wax melts are significantly safer, cheaper, and more efficient than candles.


How are wax melts supposed to work?

Understanding how wax melts is crucial to understanding how to use wax melts. Most burners have a plate to be placed in. You can take your wax block and place it on the platform that gets heated also known as the wax warmer.

Once it is heated successfully you are greeted with the aroma the wax block is meant to give out. It’s as easy as understanding incense candles. You burn a certain product and it gives out whatever aroma the product is manufactured with.

Just like anything else wax blocks are made with aromatic products that when melted emit fragrances.

How long does it take for wax melts to evaporate?

Wax does not usually evaporate since they are dense, however, the only thing that does evaporate though is the fragrances present in the wax so to answer that question, it usually takes 3-12 hours for all the aroma to dissipate within a certain area.

What is the point of wax melts?

They are generally safer than candles and do not dissipate as much heat. Along with that, there are many more benefits such as efficiency and budget saving.

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