How Long Can You Leave a Wax Warmer

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Scented candles are an incredibly underrated product to have in anybody’s lifestyle. They do so much for so little effort. Have your room smell ethereally beautiful by just lighting a nice little scented candle.

Certain scents and smells often times take you to a place you had once been happy in by triggering your nostalgia and smells are one of the best ways to associate good memories with your everyday life.

In this day and age, online businesses are booming with fresh and refreshing products available to you at any time. Now especially, while everybody has been cooped up in their houses for the past couple of years, home decor and accessorizing your home space with essentials have become more prevalent than ever. And what better way to start off than with gorgeous ambiance and even better smells to boot.

Wax Warmer VS Candle

A wax warmer is a more tame candle and it does not use any sort of flame. This factor is reason enough for a lot of people to not pick the candle over a wax warmer. That does not completely eliminate the need for a candle of course. There are still plenty of people who would go for the more traditional candles over electric wax warmers.

The main fact about electric wax warmers is that you may be a bit of a clutz but the repercussions of inattentiveness are lesser than that of a candle. If the question is, “Are wax warmer safe?” The answer is absolutely 100 percent, without a shadow of a doubt.

A plug-in wax warmer is what you need if you’re worried about leaving an open flame out for long periods of time. The likeliness of wax warmers to catch fire is almost nill due to the fact that they are used with electricity and fail-safes are always set in place because of the fact that they are electric. At best you might experience electrical wire damage.

However, old-timers may not be too happy about the wax warmer due to the fact that a lot of times people want the real deal. The burning smell from a candlewick for many is an experience in and of itself. While wax warmers deal with liquid wax, a traditional candle may give more out if a fragrance oil is burnt or essential oils are burnt.

A regular candle only has a handful of benefits over its counterpart which is the electric device. Fire dangers are only often caused by extreme inattentiveness where the candle is burning for extended amounts of time when it is not supposed to be burning.

The safety of wax melts and wax warmers has been tried and tested to still be not dangerous. It was found out that regardless of how hot the wax got or the hot warmer got, it was still not as hot as a regular candle.

With wax warmers you are additionally free to use used wax until the fragrance is worn out as in finished from burning for too long.

candles and wax warmers

Are Wax Warmers Safe?

If you are unsure about the safety of a wax warmer this part will clear out any doubts about the experiences you may face while using one. Wax warmers release fragrance only when the melted wax is hot enough.

While there is no fire danger when it comes to wax warmers, there is still the possibility of hazards if left unsupervised. A fire hazard is only viable when the plug is experiencing overheating electrical wire damage.

However, especially because of the fire danger, there are safety measures set in place like the electrical wire damage trip. The purpose of this is if the wire gets extremely hot, the breaker will instantly fall causing no further damage to the warmer.

Additionally, there is also an auto-off feature of many wax warmers unlike candles as the fire will only stop if the open flame is eliminated. There are many safety tips you can heed before experiencing things like an electrical wire damage trip hazard.

You can invest in other candles or purchase a warmer that is bulb free and is warmed by conductivity, which, however, may be a hazard if touched with wet hands. Overheating a wax warmer may result in smoke so that may be an easy indicator to go ahead and turn the device off and let it rest for a bit.

An overheating electrical wire damage trip hazard may often happen because of reasons that include overheating electrical wire and not because of a flammable scentsy product because they are never flammable.

Can You Leave a Wax Warmer on Overnight?

You can leave a wax warmer or candle warmer unattended but there is a certain limit of time you probably shouldn’t cross. Candle wax and wax, in general, behave a certain way and that is the least of your worries as wax melts to a certain point and does not catch fire.

What is worrisome, however, is the warmer itself. There is little possibility for the warmers to catch on fire but since its electrically connected, breakers will do their jobs so long as they are functioning properly.

Should I Turn Off My Wax Warmer?

Like any electronic product, wax warmers may get too hot and create a hazard in the household and there is no reasonable explanation as to why you wouldn’t turn off your wax warmer. Always try to conserve your wax as well as your electricity as they are both valuable resources.

It is advised to never leave a candle warmer unattended or any wax warmer unattended or burning for the same reason you would not leave any electrical appliance on for more than the designated time frame as each wax warmer include overheating electrical wire.

How Long Can You Leave a Wax Warmer On?

There are different types of wax warmers. The various types of warmers operate and can be left on for different limitations of time. If you are using a Tealight wax warmer then the most and the recommended amount can range between 4-8 hours at a time.

However, if you are using conventional electric wax or candle warmers, you are able to leave them on for up to 10 hours at a time or until the fragrance of the wax melt is over. After it does not provide any fragrance anymore, there is no reason to leave your electric wax warmer on.

Although the fire hazard from an open flame is eliminated when using an electric wax melt burner, make sure you keep them in a position that is thought to be in the optimal position. To be extra cautious you may use bulb-free products that have the same purpose but are said to be the safest in their ranks.

Can Scentsy Wax Warmers Catch on Fire?

Scentsy is a popular brand of electric candle warmers and scented wax. The Scentsy warmer is most possibly one of the most reliable and better wax providers available on the market. Their waxes are made of proprietary blends of paraffin wax and other ingredients of the highest quality.

Their melted wax produces incredible fragrances that last a good amount and have incredible scents that will liven up the ambiance of any room tenfold.

Additionally, their paraffin wax melts do not catch fire as there are no ingredients that are flammable unlike candle wax and as mentioned earlier they are of the highest quality.

Electric wax warmers are generally very safe in terms of usage and have been optimized to minimize any fatal or minor accidents. All they do is make the wax melt to give off the preferred fragrance.

Can Scentsy Warmers Catch Fire?

Although they produce hot wax, Scentsy warmers do not get as hot as normal conventional candles that have a wick and a flame. So, the question of, “Can warmers catch on fire?” is easily answerable by this.

There are no by-products that are actually flammable other than the fact that a heating lamp, once it gets too hot if makes contact with anything that is flammable may be a problem. However, you can easily consider Scentsy warmers safe, naturally.

The only hazard includes overheating electrical wire causing a bigger problem so it’s always good to take safety precautions by not keeping the warmers on for extended amounts.

Which Is the Best Scentsy Warmer?

Scentsy as mentioned earlier has been reigning over conventional wax candles for a very long time. Along with quality wax melts the Scentsy website provides the candle warmer for any sort of customer looking to get their hands on great products.

Their wax products are made of high-quality paraffin wax and not soy wax, unlike other wax melts. This is perfect for the devices that they provide as they work hand in hand with their own products.

The most bang for the buck Scentsy release of wax warmers is the Scentsy Alabaster. This comes in at two options for your preference as they are exactly what you may be looking for.

Forget the burning wax or the struggle of reaching the candle wick to light up your candles. Enjoy and treat yourself to the advanced technology of wax melts that operate electronically that are safer and more reliable to use with a greatly optimized heat source that never gets hotter than your conventional candles.

In addition, you can enjoy wax melts with the best Scentsy release called the element collection. The wax melts can easily stay on during the night without any of the glow from the device itself.

The element series is an amazing Scentsy release that is great for all ages as they come in really adorable shapes and colors. Definitely a cut above normal candles.

A candle on fire

Safety Tips for Wax Warmers and Candles

  • Do not leave the candle burning for extended amounts of time.
  • Always pay heed to however long the wax warmer was on before dealing with the warmer dish.
  • Always be careful about water spills near wax warmers or any sort of electronics in general.
  • If you see an electrical outlet produce smoke, switch off the breaker for that specific outlet immediately.
  • Avoid touching the direct heat source of the wax warmer.
  • Do not leave the warmer unattended or burning for long periods of time.
  • Never leave a candle warmer or wax warmer on for a whole day.
  • Try looking for bulb-free wax warmers if you are unable to pay heed to them all the time.
  • Do not leave the electric wax melt burner near any object that is flammable and ensure the room or the position is well ventilated and spacious for maximum effect and safety.
  • Do not allow any water spills near a heating lamp as you will be prone to electrocution.


Can wax melts catch fire?

Wax melts can come in generally both soy wax and paraffin wax and neither of these is flammable and have minimal toxins in them so you can use them without the worry of a tragedy being struck at any given time.

What is the best wax melt for wax warmer?

You can easily go for Scentsy wax melts as they use paraffin or you can also go for soy wax if you want to stay away from any harmful by product of burning petroleum oil.

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