Candle labeling Recommendations

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Candles are Labeled for Fire Safety. You can’t see the fire-safety designs that reputable candle manufacturers follow when making their candles, but you can see the fire-safety label. Look for the cautionary label and read it carefully before burning a candle. It’s the first step to ensuring your safety.

What you need to know – Every candle should have a cautionary label or tag listing the three key rules for candle fire-safety.Most cautionary labels also include additional manufacturer instructions for burning the candle properly.All NCA members label their candles for fire safety, and test their candles to meet fire-safety manufacturing specifications.Beware of purchasing a candle that doesn’t carry a fire-safety label.Reputable candle manufacturers adhere to industry standards. If a candle doesn’t meet the labeling standard, it probably doesn’t meet other important industry standards for fire-safety design.

What is legally Required to be on a Candle Label?

Legally speaking, Your company name, logo and contact information should always be on your label. The name and place of your business are U.S. candle label requirements, according to the Fair Packaging and Labeling guidelines. Make sure you include them somewhere on the label. I mention these requirements however, I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY. For additional information on the Label Guidelines you can check out –

Candle Warning Labels

Im sure your wondering “what should my warning label say?” here are three basic warnings that should be included on each candle: 

1. Burn within sight

2. Keep away from flammables

3. Keep away from children and pets.

Do Candles need Heat Resistant Labels?

Just as the custom labels on bath and body products must be waterproof to stand up to water and oil exposure, candles need heatproof labels that will remain safe when exposed to high temperatures.

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