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Are Candles Worth The Money?

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In this neoteric phase of living in the realm of electronics, the candle is often taken as a luxury item. One can easily question the worth of candles now let alone spending after buying them. That is why one has to look widely to find the answer. A candle does not just have traditional value but also has this amazing ability to create a peaceful ambience and to gleam serenity. In the beginning, the candle was just a source of light but now it’s more than that.

Buying candles may be an option for a sudden blackout, for creating the mood of work, for decoration or for a moment of relaxation in a busy life. The purpose of buying candles says its worth.

There are plenty of options for candles. They have different types and categories. From the simplest paraffin wax candles to luxury scented candles, each type has its buyer. And when it comes to their worth, candles can hardly be a disappointment with their pleasant existence topped with the brand value.

Options for candles:

Candles nowadays don’t just spread light, they spread fragrances and bring peace of mind. There were only paraffin wax candles available at a time. But now there are soy wax candles, beeswax and others which come in different shapes and containers.

Soy wax candles:

Soy wax candles are used vastly nowadays. Usually, they are factory-made or hand-poured candles found in glass jars or other containers. They are derived from soybean oils. They have a higher melting point. This makes them burn slowly which is money efficient. Burning soy wax hardly makes any irritation if it is not mixed with paraffin.

It’s easier to add different kinds of scents with soy wax. Fruity or floral scents, minty fresh scents or essential oils are added to make these scented candles. The fragrances make the cost of candles go higher. Also, soy wax candles are environmentally friendly in nature.

Bees-wax candles:

Beeswax candles are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly candles and have a high cost. They got the highest melting point. They are lightly scented candles which burn slowly and cleanse the air. With added essential oils they become those luxurious candles that people search for. Candles made with beeswax can be extremely expensive.

Coconut wax candles:

Coconut wax is another nature-friendly candle ingredient. Coconut wax candles are an upgraded form of unrefined coconut oil. These radiate a tropical feeling with the cleanest burn of all.

Gel candles:

Gel candles are made of gel with different ratios. They come in a glass or mason jars. Due to the texture of the candle, the jar gets heated up really quickly. These candles are mostly used for decorating in different festivals.

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Scented candles:

There are so many categories of scents or perfumes that are available to get infused with candle wax. Fruity scents like orange, mango, lemon, grapefruit, floral-like rose, lavender, jasmine, orchid etc. are vastly used scents. Peppermint, cinnamon, clove etc. are also used to make therapeutic scented candles.

The shapes of candles cause the difference in their price. Larger candles surely demand more money. Also, the artistic structure of candles adds value to them. Hand-poured candles can have artistic value. Most of the expensive candles have unique designs and shapes.

The container of the candle adds value to it. Expensive candles come with lavish packaging. Most of the budget friendly candles come in tin or glass containers. Some are even made of gold and silver, engraved with precious stones. People with rich taste don’t mind buying luxury candles at a great price to decorate their abode.

Reasons To Buy Candles:

A candle with fragrance is a mandatory element for meditation. Fragrance helps to make the ambience of work filled with positive energy. It helps to focus on work and the outcome is really great. Like while reading a book, one can lit up a scented candle and sink into it.

The smell of essential oils definitely can make it one’s favorite candle. When the fragrance diffuses from the candle, it lifts up the person’s mood. Scented candles can improve sound sleep. In this case, buying expensive candles is not a bad deal at all.

Setting up fire on the wick of the candles, and watching them burn while sipping a cup of coffee is a moment that people crave. Candles with fragrances are perfect for the dates. The scents of the candles make people feel good and romantic.

Candles with scents or no scent are great for get-togethers. Who isn’t familiar with the candlelight dinner? Candles are a sign of the warmth and peace that people need.

An expensive candle can be presented as a token of love on any occasion. One candle never fails to bring a smile to the face of a person with an aesthetic view.

Not only for aesthetic purposes but also for practical usage, candles are worthy. There are places in the world where there are frequent power cuts. Candles are handy for people of those areas, of course. Even scent-less, ordinary candles there turn out to be very useful.

People who are emotionally connected with the pristine time and value keep candle in their collections. There are many passionate candle collectors who have ordinary to expensive candles in their houses. The brand of a candle means a lot to them. Some are fond of expensive candles no matter how they add them to their inventory.

The candle has its religious value too. Many religious rituals are incomplete without candles. Nobody has seen a church without a candle. Temples are hardly found without the presence of a candle.

The candle has social and cultural values too. In many cultures, people burn candles to protest or mourn. Holding a burning candle while taking the oath is considered valuable in some cultures. And of course, what are birthday cakes without candles on them? Birthday candles never fail to bring a wide smile to people’s faces.

Apart from those previously mentioned usages, using candles is ecologically worthy. Besides the toxic paraffin wax, nature derived candle like soy wax, coconut oil or bees-wax candle is a great option for light. It saves energy and doesn’t create electronic waste. They do not have irritable fume.

After burning a candle, the candle wax can be used in a great way. If one is in money-saving mode, they can easily reuse the candle wax with a new wick. In fact, one can add a new smell to the melted wax, rebuild in a new shape with a wick and serve it as a brand new candle. This method of reusing candles is definitely worth the money.

Also, luxury, as in new-generation candles has a higher melting point which makes the burning slower. So, even if it is costlier, it is worth buying than the quick-melting regular ones.

Candle wax is also used to glue small things. People who make journals or are into creating wax seals use candles for melting wax.

Expensive Candles:

At the time when the candle was used for basic needs, one could easily buy a candle at a low cost. There were expensive candles too but they weren’t much affordable for all. Now the time has changed. Most people buy expensive candles for enhancing beauty and pleasure.

The time of toxic paraffin wax candles is almost over. People now tend to have hand poured or organic candles with scents. Nature derived products are relatively costly. Added scent and fancy jars are also the reason behind these expensive candles. There is a vast range of natural and artificial smells that can make a huge difference in pricing. Some essential oils are valuable. If one wants a richer and more sophisticated smell, they may choose more expensive candles.

Not only for the scent and makeup but also for the creativity and the hardship behind making a perfectly presentable candle the price gets higher. The maker of the candle must need to get paid off.

Making candles is a kind of a form of art. To turn the art into a masterpiece the artist put in their heart and soul. That’s why expensive candles carry so much value other than money.

money used as candle

The price range of candles:

Different brands have different ranges for their candles. For example, the brand called Lladro has $520 worth of candles in its inventory. Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, etc. have expensive candles. Baobab Collection has $713 candles which may sound insane to general people.

There are candles expensive enough which brands like Fornasetti, Jo Malone etc. make. There are moderately ranged candles from Yankee Candles, Bath & Body Works and others. Non-brand or drugstore candles are relatively affordable for most of the people in suburbs. Asian candles that are scented are quite cheaper than American or European ones.


To sum up, it can be said that the answer to this question of worth lies in the intention and purpose of the buyer. There are candles for buyers of different sects. If one wants, they can buy cheaper candles. If one has a bigger budget, they can fetch some from the luxury range.

In the end, if a nice & fragrant candle can bring mental satisfaction and enlighten the environment then buying spending a little more money than expected is quite worth a shot.


Why are nice candles so expensive?

The ingredients for making a luxury candle are pricey. The wax itself is expensive if it’s soy wax or beeswax. Specially the rich fragrance. Also, the procedure of making hand-poured candles needs care and time. There are extra charges for brand value too. All of these together make the candles costlier than the ordinary candle.

What is a normal price for a candle?

Usually, an ordinary candle starts from $1. The cheapest scented candle can be found for under $20. High-quality candles cost over $20 and this range can even reach $700 or more. Most people tend to buy candles below $20.

How much should I spend on candles?

This depends on one’s budget and the need for the candle. If one wants to gift someone a candle which also reflects their taste, they can spend a nice amount of penny here. Candles under $10 can also be a complimentary gift.

For decorations and other purposes, there are low to mid-range candles that are worth spending for.

If one wants to have a candle as a sign of sophistication or grandeur, they can spend as much as they want to buy an expensive and exquisite candle.

One can definitely research the market and compare the prices to get affordable candles according to their expectations.

What is the difference between luxury candles and regular candles?

First of all, regular candles are made with cheaper paraffin wax whereas luxury candles are made with naturally derived products like soy wax, coconut wax etc.

They have differences in their wicks. Regular ones may produce an unpleasant smell but high-quality candles don’t do so. Beeswax candles have their own mild smell and can be a good carrier of added smells. Soy wax is the best for adding fragrance. Luxurious candles have a variety of notes of scents.

No doubt, fancy packaging makes a huge difference between regular and luxury candles.

Should I buy expensive candles?

If it is about quenching the thirst of adding a pomp candle to one’s collection without any concern of budget, one should definitely buy expensive candles. One can buy a candle with an alluring scent for satiety or as a present in exchange for a handsome amount of money if they have no problem with the expense. But if one is running on a budget, they can choose a more affordable candle or save money for buying an expensive one later.

How much is the most expensive candle in the world?

To date, the most expensive candle in the world costs $750 which was created by Owen Drew to celebrate the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the year 2018. This gold-wrapped candle has the finest essential oils and a heavenly smell.

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